What does Google think of your website?

We all know that Google is the UK’s leading search engine. Getting to the top of the listings for Google searches can transform a business, but there’s so much more to it than paid adverts. Google is constantly monitoring websites so it can offer the best service to people searching, and if it doesn’t think […]

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UK Bank Feeds – an update from Xero

Since the advent of Open Banking in the UK, the reliability of bank feeds has been frustrating. We’ve helped numerous clients at various stages reauthorise their feeds, but been unsuccessful in as many cases, where the issue has arisen at the bank’s end. Xero recently issued an update, together with some reassurance, which may be […]

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Our Xero Back Up Decision…

In a recent post, we told the story of a business we know who was caught up in a cyber attack, and lost all of its data. The data was mirrored on two servers, but the entire data centre was hit, and it was only because they had internal back-ups that they were able to […]

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Budget tracking Xero updates

As Xero Certified Partners, we’re staunch advocates for Xero, in the main because they are constantly developing the software. Some developments are smaller than others, but the most recent Xero updates included a couple of tweaks that could be really helpful for those clients using the software. Account Watchlist – Budget Column You can now […]

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Open banking – 90-day reauthorisation relaxed

Open Banking in the UK is overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which recently announced changes that will make lives much easier for small business owners! The background Open Banking was designed with the goal of making it easier for licensed companies to access customer bank data more easily, with their permission. It is […]

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Xero Bank Reconciliation evolves again…

In the next few weeks users will see a change to the appearance of the Xero bank reconciliation screens. In future you’ll be able to choose between two ways to view transactions on the bank reconciliation screen. Choose an enlarged, zoomed-in version. Choose a compact view that displays more transactions on the screen. You can […]

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