PROOF – the FREE scheme to protect your Company

There are many risks when you run a company, but there are simple, and free, ways to reduce some of them and gain some peace of mind. Companies House offers two services that we believe every company owner should make use of. The first is the PROOF Scheme. This protects your company from Corporate Identity Fraud, […]

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BaranovTV – The scariest story I heard this week… Episode 41

These episodes aren’t designed to give you nightmares, but I just have to pass on the scariest story I’ve heard this week… Watch this to find out why it could affect you! Transcript: Hi, and welcome to another episode of Baranov TV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to help your […]

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Identity theft isn’t just a threat for individuals!

Identity theft is a consideration for all of us these days, with many people having shredders and being careful of releasing personal information into the public domain. But these considerations shouldn’t just be for your personal information; your Company can be at risk from identity theft too! What happens? In much the same way as […]

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Are you in the ‘too many eggs’ trap?

As a business grows, it’s easy to get caught having too many eggs in one basket. By this we mean that the business is growing on the back of one key customer. It’s great while it lasts, but exposes your business to dramatic upheaval if that customer business hits problems, or their industry experiences a […]

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How is your Cyber Hygiene?

Cyber Hygiene is becoming an increasingly important consideration in the fight against cyber crime. What do the figures look like? The statistics around Cyber Crime are astounding. According to research carried out by HMRC in 2017: 46% of all companies suffered some kind of data breach in the year, which increased to 66% in larger businesses. […]

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