What were the main points in the October 2021 Budget?

Rishi Sunak gave his second Budget speech of the year earlier today. In this video we’ve summarised the primary announcements, as they will affect our clients. Our full summary will go out later today, and will include far more detail. If you’d like to receive our future updates, fill in the form below and they’ll drop […]

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Marketing your business – Two for the Swipe File!

When you’re responsible for marketing and customer satisfaction, it’s really useful to keep an eye on what other businesses are doing. How are they communicating with customers and building relationships? In this video I’ve got two examples for you, that would be really simple to adapt to use in your own business. Transcript: Hi and […]

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Planning the next six months from your Lockdown results…

Lockdown and the events of the last few months have repeatedly, and understandably, been called ‘unprecedented’. No-one could have predicted the impact of Coronavirus on businesses up and down the country. What we can do now though, is make sure that we look at the effect those circumstances have had, and use the information to […]

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Capturing the captions & your random thoughts!

Video is a key method to share your expertise with your target market, and captions are a fabulous way to increase the number of meaningful views your videos will get. In this video, we’re sharing: – a new way to add captions to your video, that will save you time. – new-to-us news around adding […]

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Your COVID finance window is closing!

Many businesses have already taken out either a Bounce Back Loan (BBLS) or a Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan (CBILS) but if you haven’t, OR if you think you may need more finance, NOW is the time to apply. In this video we talked about how the window to these funding options is closing, and how […]

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