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When you think of software and accountancy, the tendency is to think of ‘Cloud Accounting’.

The move to cloud packages like Xero and Quickbooks and to digital records has revolutionised the accounting process, but these days ‘software’ is so much more!

Through careful selection of the primary accounting package and relevant and proven bolt-on Apps, there are huge efficiencies to be made in even the smallest business. But business owners can struggle to know which to go for, how to decide between them, and then how best to actually use them!

We are an entirely cloud based business, and have been for many years. We’ve worked with Xero and Quickbooks, as well as other cloud based packages such as FreeAgent and Kashflow, since they first started to appear and develop. We’ve helped countless businesses make the transition to the cloud, and between packages, many, many times.

We have seen at first hand on numerous occasions the impact that the right technological support can make to a business, and have a preferred ‘Appstack’ to reduce the burden for clients to decide which they want to deploy. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Dext (formerly Receiptbank)
  • Go Cardless (Direct Debit)
  • Stripe (Online payments)
  • Chaser / Debtor Daddy (Debit Chasing)
  • Fluidly (Cashflow)

We know our clients’ businesses and we stay up to date on the developing Apps and options, so are perfectly placed to help!

Many of the Apps and other tech options have initial trial periods, so you can usually ‘try before you buy’ which can be ideal.

Additionally, we use and advocate for other software, including:

  • Secure electronic document transfer and signature
  • Video calls, messages and screen recordings
  • Online training sessions using screen share technology
  • Video editing and captions generation and embedding
  • Social media scheduling

As a forward thinking firm, we are far more than cloud accounting, so please get in touch if you think your business could benefit from some technological support.

Do get in touch too if you’d like to chat about any limitations you might be finding in your software, for example it’s reporting capabilities, or if perhaps you think there may be efficiencies to be gained from deploying Dext or one of the other Apps. We’re always happy to help!

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We’ve found updates to be expensive and difficult on Sage in the past. Is there a way to overcome that?

Yes! The cloud based systems have done away entirely with the need for expensive updates and back-ups. It’s a huge relief when you realise you no longer have to run an old version of the software because the updated version is expensive and you dread the process of upgrading! All of the updates are automatic, and seamless. Any updates tend to be incremental, so different aspects are modified over time, so there is never any transformation to contend with, but a slow evolution. These updates and your back-ups are also all included in your monthly subscription.

Am I tied to the same package for a set period?

No, normally you are required just to give 30 days notice, while conversion tools make it easy to take your information from one system, adjust it to the correct format and import it into whatever system you are planning to move to.

One important thing to note is the need to keep historical records, so always seek advice and ensure you have those records before you delete a subscription or delete any software.

I still do my bookkeeping because I don’t want anyone else to see the intimate details of my business’ finances. Is there a solution?

Any business owner should know what is happening with the finances of the business, but there is a difference between that and them doing the bookkeeping! It’s rarely good use of their time to be updating the bank and processing invoices, but this is a question we come across a lot.

Systems such as Xero and Quickbooks allow different access rights to be granted to different users, so you can delegate the data input but retain responsibility for key tasks such as authorising payments and keep key balances private.

Don’t just take our word for it!

When Sarah wanted to move her business accounting to a cloud option, she called on us for help with the migration process.

In this video she explains the challenges she was facing with the previous software, the process of migrating to the new software and the best outcome she found.

Watch this video for more details…

‘Having Chris and Liz on hand as key advisors doesn’t even begin to describe the value they’ve brought to bear since they came aboard to help us. 

Calm and reassuring, they’ve guided us through, round and over a veritable minefield of of obstacles, tripwires and downright horror stories and … helped us shape the business that we know is within reach. In so many ways, they’ve helped us make life-changing changes with the patience of saints.

We simply couldn’t have managed without them.’

Mr A Sharples, Fine Line Printing and Stationery Limited

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