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One of the most emotive and potentially explosive processes in any business, accurate and timely processing of your payroll is paramount to harmony within your team!

As we’ve explained in our Payroll services page, we don’t process payrolls internally, but do keep ourselves up to date on the key legislative changes and are able to advise clients accordingly.

In common with other sections of our Information Centre, this section includes pointers, updates and suggestions to keep you safe and current. 

If you have any questions after reading any of these posts, please get in touch!

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Payroll Questions – and answers!

A new client asked us a few payroll questions recently because they were curious about where our boundaries are. We’d told them that we’ve taken the decision not to process payrolls, and why, which prompted the questions. The queries were entirely valid, and showed us that we should have been clearer! These were the payroll questions, together with our answers.

NEW Health & Social Care Levy

In our last round-up, we reported on the Times article suggesting National Insurance contributions were likely to rise. That speculation has now been confirmed – almost! We now have a new Health & Social Care Levy.

Would your family like some extra cash?

If your family members have ever asked for some extra cash from your business, or you’ve thought about gifting shares, this episode is for you! Watch this to find out what you need to consider…

Tax – P11Ds

Tax – National Insurance

Each of our clients receives regular updates that keep them aware of changes and suggestions on a wide range of subjects; if you’d like to receive those too, just click on the button below, add your details and we’ll do the rest!

Chris and Liz are fantastic; they always explain things in simple plain English. They’re always happy to respond to any questions I have no matter how silly they might be.

Whenever I have had a chat with Chris and Liz I always walk away with a positive outlook on my business, even when things have not been going to plan they will give me advice on what I can look at trying to improve. I cannot thank them both enough for the help they have given me in improving my business.

Mr A Culverhouse, Culverhouse Gardens Limited

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