Hello! We’re Baranov Associates…

…an intentionally small, friendly firm of enthusiastic and responsive Business Growth Accountants in Cumbria, helping hardworking business owners across the country achieve their goals and fulfil their statutory duties.

Business Growth Accountants

Baranov Associates are Accountants providing entirely bespoke and proactive Accountancy and Business Growth services in Cumbria and beyond.

Clients also receive peace of mind and genuinely engaged support, allowing them to stop worrying about HMRC, endless regulation and unnecessary distractions.

Down to earth, professional and genuinely lovely people who make dealing with the numbers in your business hassle free and clear.

Mr P Barker, Wildgoose Events Limited

Our Accountancy Services…


Accounts of any type should help you monitor your business, enable you to make informed decisions in good time, and ultimately to achieve your goals. 

Do yours?


A constantly shifting landscape of legislation and reliefs, tax can be a minefield!

We navigate clients safely through, ensuring they retain as much from their hard work as possible.


Cloud accounting is no longer cutting edge.

Effective use of those packages alongside other carefully selected tech options can be transformative though!

Bespoke Accountancy and Business Growth Services

Every business is unique, with its own challenges and needs, and every business owner has their own skills, experiences and motivations.

The help we provide therefore needs to be just as individual!

We love to get to know our clients and gain a thorough understanding of their particular business goals and challenges. Then we can really work with them, and offer truly valuable support when they need it most.

Our clients know they can ask questions whenever they need to, and they love the level of engagement that we provide. If you’re looking for something similar from your Accountant, wherever you may be based, do get in touch!

We offer clear, relevant Accountancy and Business Growth advice, ideas and suggestions in plain English to clients across the UK. We also appreciate that you may not be entirely confident with numbers; but that’s what we’re here for! With the experience we’ve gained both from building our own business and working with large numbers of clients from many industries, over more years than we care to count, we really are ‘here to help’.

Example businesses we help…

Sole Trader

  • Turnover up to £100K
  • Established 2 years plus

Small Limited Company

  • Usually a Sole Director
  • Turnover £100K plus

Medium Limited Company

  • Turnover £350K – £5.5M
  • Multiple Directors with some internal finance resource.

Have you visited our Info Centre?

Our Info Centre includes a wide range of information designed to be helpful to any business owner. Some of the most popular categories are shown below. Why not take a look?


Limited Company

Management & Growth


Can I just say we are so pleased that we have moved to Baranov Associates. As we discussed when you visited, we had to find a way to take the stress out of all of the financials and you’re doing that for us!

We can see how to use Xero more efficiently and so with us being as on top of it as we can be and with you and Liz we feel a lot more confident about our business being in good shape.

Mrs S James, Sandbanks Capital Partners Limited

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