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As business owners embrace technology, so the risks increase. A day doesn’t seem to pass without a media report of hacking or a data breach, and as a business grows, so the risks increase. A higher profile can bring more headaches!

We’re not IT specialists, and we’re not cyber experts, but we can advise on the basics around security, and data protection, and ensure our clients and contacts know what areas they should be considering. From there, they can ask the right people the right questions.

Our own processes are designed to be as secure as possible, in our Document Transfer choices, back-ups and data management. Security is, rightfully, a growing concern for businesses, as it can cripple you at the worst possible time.

Our advice is to ensure you’re familiar with the risks, and that you seek the right advice to mitigate them as far as possible.

The posts in this section are aimed at raising awareness, and offering some initial suggestions. As mentioned above though, we are not IT specialists and we’d strongly recommend that you seek expert advice to protect your business.

Once again, we have a more general collection of posts in the ‘Security’ section below, with more specific information in the others.

If you have any questions once you’ve looked through the various posts, please get in touch!

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Why not take a look at these sections too, as there is some overlap between our categories and we’d hate you to miss out!

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Moving accountancy firms is not something you should take on lightly. We have now been working with Chris and Liz @ Baranov for the best part of a year and I have to say I could not be more pleased with the service we get.

They take a genuine interest in our business (which makes you feel like they are part of your business). They are happy to answer the sporadic questions you have when running a business such as “can you remind me how to do XYZ in Xero”, which is so important when you are short of time running a small business. And they add value to what we are doing with their weekly email updates, which is a nice touch.

I’m really pleased we have changed our accountants to Baranov Associates, and feel much more in control of our financial position thanks to Chris and Liz. Highly recommend these guys.

Mr S Norris, Carefree Campers Limited

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