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Why include a Glossary?

Whilst our aim is always to speak in plain English and avoid jargon, sometimes it feels that the Accountancy industry has its own language!

Chris often asks clients to point out to him if they notice him slipping into ‘Accountant’ speak in meetings, though thankfully they don’t often need to do so.

In this ‘Glossary’ section, we’ve brought together a list of the most common accountancy jargon and tried to offer a concise explanation of the term.

If you think we’ve missed any obvious jargon, please let us know!

And as ever, if you have any questions when you look through the list, please get in touch! We’re happy to translate further if you’d like us to.

Why not take a look at these sections too, as there is some overlap between our categories and we’d hate you to miss out!

Limited Company


Management & Growth

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I have always been impressed with Chris’s ability to explain complex issues in a way that a non-accountant can understand. I have always found this reassuring when making important finance decisions.

Mr R James, Sixth Element Capital Limited

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