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It was Benjamin Franklin who’s reported to have said that there are only two certainties in life, being death and taxes.

The UK tax system is complex and confusing, so it’s no surprise that many clients struggle with understanding it. Add to that the constant changes to the regulation, and it becomes untenable for most people to keep track of the tax landscape and run their business.

We feel the third certainty is that most business owners will run the risk of getting into a tax muddle at some point if they don’t have a good accountant on their side!

That’s where we come in!

We see our role as follows:

  • To ensure our clients are paying the correct tax, based on their situation, but that they’re not overpaying.
  • To keep our clients below the radar of HMRC wherever possible.
  • To warn our clients if there’s an option that’s more tax efficient, compared to their initial plan.
  • To keep our clients compliant, so all deadlines are met and no submissions are missed.

In this section we have a large range of different areas, as well as a more general ‘tax’ section.

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please ask! As a two person team, this Information Centre will never replace a conversation, nor do we feel it should try to do so. We’ve collated a host of different posts and articles, but please do speak to us or your own accountant before you make any decisions. There has never been a substitute for advice tailored to your circumstances, and this website does not intend to be the first!

And as ever if you have any questions after reading any of these posts, please get in touch!

(Please bear in mind that this site is not intended to be a substitute for a detailed conversation with an advisor, who is aware of your unique circumstances. Legislation changes and small details can make a big difference to the effectiveness of any tax planning. We’d recommend you have that conversation with your own advisor before acting on any content from this site.)

Corporation Tax

Personal Tax


National Insurance



Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Research & Development (R&D)

Company Cars

Share Schemes

Business Valuation / Purchase / Exit / Sale / Succession

Property Tax

Tax – General

Why not take a look at these sections too, as there is some overlap between our categories and we’d hate you to miss out!


Management & Growth



Each of our clients receives regular updates that keep them aware of changes and suggestions on a wide range of subjects; if you’d like to receive those too, just click on the button below, add your details and we’ll do the rest!

‘Professional, proactive and accurate with very personable financial support, advice and help always provided. We changed our accountants to Baranov Associates, and it was a much easier transition than we thought. They have helped us with so many things including R&D claims, and many things that we didn’t realise accountants did! A great company in so many ways.’

Mrs S Cressall, The Creation Station Limited

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