When we think about security, we tend these days to think about things like Data and password security.

There’s actually more to it!

Other areas to consider include identity theft, all too common for individuals, but also increasingly so for companies. We need to consider the security of other things like our cash, to limit the risk of losing the rewards that were hard-earned, and the risk of unwanted attention from HMRC, that can cause unwanted stress and cost.

This part of our Information Centre is a catch-all for the ‘more general but still important’ aspects of security. Obviously we have the separate sections for Data Protection and Cyber Security, but the posts and articles in this section still need careful thought.

Several of these areas are included in our client onboarding process for clients. This includes automatic registration to the Companies House PROOF scheme, and membership of our Fee Protection Scheme at no extra cost. Both offer added protection to our clients.

Image of a pink piggy bank as illustration for Blog post 'Is your Cash in a safe place?'

Is your Cash in a safe place?

Given all that small business have had to face in the last eighteen months, it may seem a strange time to question the location of any cash you may have in the business. Surely that’s way down the list of things to consider? Actually, no! There are quite a few businesses out there who are sitting on more cash than is usual.

Identity theft isn’t just a threat for individuals!

Identity theft is a consideration for all of us these days, with many people having shredders and being careful of releasing personal information into the public domain. But these considerations shouldn’t just be for your personal information; your Company can be at risk from identity theft too!

Are you on firm foundations?

No resolutions here for the New Year, but a look at the Foundations that can help any business owner sleep better at night. Watch this to find out more!

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Can I just say we are so pleased that we have moved to Baranov Associates. As we discussed when you visited, we had to find a way to take the stress out of all of the financials and you’re doing that for us! We can see how to use Xero more efficiently and so with us being as on top of it as we can be and with you and Liz we feel a lot more confident about our business being in good shape.

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