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Our medium limited company clients tend to have more than one director, and to have been established for a number of years. By this point, their needs are as diverse as their industries!

  • Some of the businesses have significant financial awareness within the team.
  • Many have outsourced their bookkeeping, have internal bookkeepers or even Financial Controllers.
  • Some have a fairly complex structure, requiring careful consideration for tax purposes.
  • Turnover across this client group ranges from £500,000 up to well beyond the £3 million mark.

The Directors of a medium limited company have developed the business and operate the finances comfortably, but value the bespoke nature and flexibility of our approach and the access to our support and advice for those situations where they need some additional experience and knowledge. This is particularly helpful if they have aspirations to continue their growth into the future.

That’s exactly what we’re here for!

After many years of building our own businesses, and supporting business across many industries, sizes and situations, there isn’t much we haven’t come across, and we’re very happy to share our experiences and impressions.

We can help the business owners or financial team create or develop an internal reporting process to ensure the management team are fully informed of current performance, trends and developments. This ensures they can respond quickly to improve matters if necessary.

Within businesses of this size, there may well be a requirement for regular Industry specific Returns, which require our input in good time for the filing deadline. These can also be used as a gauge to review performance and allow the Directors to implement any changes before the year end is reached.

As a business develops, there may be added benefits to be gained from Apps to supplement the usual accounting system such as Xero Projects, or Apps for stock control. Given there are now in excess of 900 Apps that can be used on conjunction with Xero alone, we can help identify the best option.

The growth strategy of these businesses, possible expansion or exit options and key decisions are the major areas of discussion between us, alongside the most tax efficient ways to withdraw funds.

Our medium limited company clients have differing needs, but tend to use a combination of the following services. As a small team we have the capacity to flex our services to ensure we provide exactly what’s needed at the right time.

All of our clients automatically receive membership of our Fee Protection scheme as standard, as well as free telephone and email support and regular updates.

Use the link below for the Limited Company section of our Info Centre for articles you might find interesting.

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, and you’re not entirely convinced that you have the best support from your existing accountant, we can probably help! Why not get in touch now to discuss how?

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Our service is entirely bespoke but every client receives a range of additional features at no extra cost.


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‘Engaged on a recommendation, we were delighted to find that for a fraction of the cost needed to recruit a full time Financial Director we gained access to the services of an exceptional individual.

Despite being a ‘virtual’ employee Chris’s personal commitment to our company could not have been higher and he exceeded our expectations in every area.’

Mr A Thompson, Former MD Link Group Consultants Limited

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