Spending Review to look only at 2021/22

The Spending Review’s intended remit was to cover the rest of this Parliament, but instead it has been announced that it will cover just the 2021/22 period. The decision has been made to allow for flexibility around Coronavirus support, and at a time of bitter rows with local leaders around the country. The focus will […]

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Brexit is looming!

Alongside the ongoing pandemic, we must bear in mind that we are only just over 70 days from the end of the Brexit transition period. Sadly, at this stage, there has been no agreement reached with the EU. We have no trade agreement, whether on terms similar to those that Canada has, and are looking […]

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The payment holiday window is closing!

Part of my function is to keep an eye on posts from others that may be of interest to our clients and contacts, and this one from Martin Lewis is important! As we talked about at the time, in the early days of the pandemic, the Financial Conduct Authority moved to ensure that payment holidays […]

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More Coronavirus support changes…

As the implementation of the government’s three-tier lockdown system has continued, there has been increasing pressure on Rishi Sunak to increase support to businesses in the affected areas. In response, HM Treasury has today announced further changes to the support available to businesses.   Change One – The Job Support Scheme The Original Announcement: Employees […]

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COVID Fraud Hotline now open

Using a new, free and anonymous phone line, the public can now report suspected fraudulent Coronavirus claims. Given that 150 different COVID support schemes have now been announced, the cost of fraud to the Government could be huge. The National Audit Office recently warned that business defaults and fraud could result in potential losses of […]

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Imminent Deadline for incorrect Furlough claims!

Self-employed individuals and employers have until 20th October to inform HMRC that they’ve over-claimed the Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) or Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) grants and repay any excess before penalties apply. When the draft legislation was proposed for taxing the coronavirus support payments (SEISS, CJRS and SSP reclaims), it included a […]

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