Coping with the end of Transition – HMRC Letters

HMRC has sent letters to VAT-registered businesses in Great Britain trading with the EU, or the EU and the rest of the world. They explain what businesses need to do to prepare for new processes for moving goods between Great Britain and the EU from 1 January 2021. Measures explained in the letter include: making […]

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A cashless society? Not yet…

The government is holding a six-week consultation to make sure that cash remains available to those who want to use it, throughout the UK. Announced in the March 2020 Budget, this has gained importance as COVID-19 responses has seen a huge surge in the use of contactless payment methods and online payments. Some sections of […]

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Brexit is looming!

Alongside the ongoing pandemic, we must bear in mind that we are only just over 70 days from the end of the Brexit transition period. Sadly, at this stage, there has been no agreement reached with the EU. We have no trade agreement, whether on terms similar to those that Canada has, and are looking […]

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