Tax Avoidance Schemes

HMRC and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have launched a new joint enforcement notice to cut out misleading marketing by promoters of tax avoidance schemes. The joint enforcement notice aims to disrupt the activity of promoters and protect individuals from being presented with misleading adverts which may tempt them into tax avoidance. The enforcement notice […]

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HMRC letters cause confusion!

HMRC has been sending generic letters to ‘nudge’ taxpayers into checking their last tax return, but are causing more confusion than anything else! The HMRC letters are sent to the taxpayer unless they have been told that an agent has been appointed, when they are sent to the accountant. The primary problem is that the […]

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31st January Personal Tax Return filing deadline remains

There have been numerous calls over recent weeks from the various Accountancy bodies for HMRC to defer the 31st January Personal Tax Return filing deadline. This was requested as Accountants, and their small business clients, have been under such pressure brought about by the pandemic. Many firms have upwards of 60% of their Returns to […]

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Turkey and Tax Returns…

Amongst the less-than-cheery recent news announcements, it’s a nice distraction to see how many people filed their tax returns over the Christmas period! HMRC have reported the following: Over 2,700 Tax Returns were filed on Christmas Day itself, with more than 200 being submitted between 2pm and 3pm. This compared to 3,000 who filed on […]

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HMRC penalty payments increase

HMRC penalties for taxpayers’ compliance failings are on the rise again, following a sharp drop at the start of lockdown, according to research by UHY Hacker Young. The firm says HMRC collected £34m in September, an increase of 62% from a low of £21m collected in May. HMRC suspended tax investigations at the start of […]

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Tax payment concerns?

As we head towards the festive period, we’d usually be reminding clients to make their Payments on Account and any balancing tax payments on the 31st January 2021. In common with the rest of this year though, this time things are slightly different! There have been a range of announcements around tax payments that can […]

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