Why do I need Xero training?

Why do I need Xero training? This is a question we hear quite a lot, and the answer is that you don’t necessarily need it at all, BUT there are some serious benefits to be gained! Both Xero and Quickbooks provide live and online training options, with online support too. Both options are really helpful […]

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Why do I need a Cash Flow Statement?

‘Why do I need a Cash Flow Statement?’ is a question we’ve been asked question several times in the last couple of days, after it was mentioned in a meeting with lots of business owners. We therefore thought it was worth explaining! What is a Cash Flow Statement? A Cash Flow Statement shows you how […]

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How is an Outsourced FD different to an Accountant?

How is an Outsourced FD different to an Accountant? Given that we can offer both services, the dividing line can be blurred! In reality, there are key differences between the services provided as an Outsourced FD (Finance Director) and a typical Accountancy service. Accountants: Record and process the historical transactions of the business, often many […]

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Who are the CCAB?

In common with the majority of businesses in the UK, we’ve been updating all of our agreements for GDPR recently. As part of their guidance for the new regulations, our governing body, the ACCA, issued new engagement letter templates, which included a reference to the CCAB. So who ARE the CCAB? The Consultative Committee of […]

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Understanding your Profit & Loss Account – Part 2

Following on from our earlier Blog, Understanding your Profit & Loss Account Part 1, there are some key numbers that are contained in your Profit & Loss Account. These can give you a really good insight into how your business is performing, and enable you to identify trends as they emerge. So what are these […]

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Is changing Accountants difficult?

Once a client is set up and officially on our client list, we often hear that they didn’t realise how easy changing Accountants could be. For many people, they envisage it being as painful, or more painful, than changing banks. The good news is that this isn’t the case! To make life easy for clients, […]

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