What should Business Owners do now?

Rishi Sunak yesterday presented his latest Budget (27th October 2021). In his closing segment, he explained that there has to be a limit on the economic support that should be expected from the taxpayer. He wants to reduce taxes by the end of this Parliament, which means that Business Owners are now on their own […]

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What were the main points in the October 2021 Budget?

Rishi Sunak gave his second Budget speech of the year earlier today. In this video we’ve summarised the primary announcements, as they will affect our clients. Our full summary will go out later today, and will include far more detail. If you’d like to receive our future updates, fill in the form below and they’ll drop […]

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Budget 2021 – What might we see?

When Rishi Sunak presents the Autumn Budget and Spending Review on the 27th October, he’s going to have a difficult task on his hands. Manifesto pledges around tax levels and ‘levelling up’ will directly conflict with increased spending on public services and an economy that’s smaller than pre-pandemic forecasts. A range of expert bodies are […]

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Budget Date set for 27th October

It was announced last week that Rishi Sunak will deliver his half-yearly budget statement on the 27th October 2021. At the same time he will outline his three year spending plan. Given the amounts that have been spent by Government to support the economy through the pandemic, it’s likely to be a tricky exercise. Sunak […]

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Digital Marketplaces to report sellers’ incomes from 2023

HMRC has published a consultation that outlines plans to implement reporting rules for digital platforms first put forward by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This consultation was first announced in the Budget 2021. In February 2020, the OECD consulted on proposed rules setting out how digital platforms should collect information about the […]

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