Month: November 2021

R&D Claims likely to be delayed…

HMRC is warning businesses to submit research and development (R&D) claims as soon as possible to avoid a likely delay in payments between December and January. As the filing deadline for the most popular year ends is 31st December, there is always a flurry of R&D submissions in this period, which can cause delays in […]

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‘Ease Tax for Christmas’ calls grow louder!

A tax and advisory firm has added its voice to calls from the hospitality industry for tax rules around Christmas festivities to be eased.  Following almost two years of uncertainty, Blick Rothenberg has said that the tax-free limit should be increased to £300 per employee. This would double the current £150, including VAT, per employee […]

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Xero Bank Reconciliation evolves again…

In the next few weeks users will see a change to the appearance of the Xero bank reconciliation screens. In future you’ll be able to choose between two ways to view transactions on the bank reconciliation screen. Choose an enlarged, zoomed-in version. Choose a compact view that displays more transactions on the screen. You can […]

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Corporation Tax Reminder!

For Limited companies with a 31st March year end, any Corporation Tax that’s due for payment must be received by HMRC by 1st January 2022. Given the looming Christmas and New Year holiday period, the extra Bank Holiday and the general festive time-slip that seems usual around that time, we felt it worth a reminder, […]

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Your Fee Protection membership…

Our passion is to help clients get, and keep, the most from their hard work, in as many ways as possible. With that in mind, we include the cost of membership of our Fee Protection scheme in our standard fees for all clients. There are no extra amounts to pay during the year; it’s all rolled […]

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How we approach planning the new year…

Getting a head start on planning the new year can be a really smart thing to do. It can bring your family and team on board in a more positive way than ever before, and keep you focussed too. With that in mind, in this post I’m sharing the process that we use, and the benefits […]

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