Xero Bank Reconciliation evolves again…

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In the next few weeks users will see a change to the appearance of the Xero bank reconciliation screens. In future you’ll be able to choose between two ways to view transactions on the bank reconciliation screen.

  1. Choose an enlarged, zoomed-in version.
  2. Choose a compact view that displays more transactions on the screen.

You can toggle between the two using a slider on the top righthand side of the screen.

This change is, according to Xero, part of an ongoing process to continually improve the functionality of the bank reconciliation process. The goal is to make the process more intuitive and more consistent with other areas of the software.

New Xero Compact View Bank Reconciliation Screen

Why have these changes been made?

As mentioned above, Xero want to continue to develop their system. They also want to exceed global accessibility requirements, and the option to choose a larger view or a compact option helps.

They do admit though that the changes to the design may take some getting used to!


You can see more about the development of the Xero Bank Reconciliation process in this video or the history of the system itself in this post. The latter is quite interesting as a peep back into the history of Xero!

If you’re thinking about moving over to Xero, find out more about the key points to consider here, or get in touch! We can help you decide which system is best for your business (which, though we love it, may not be Xero!) and, if you’d like us to, can help you with the migration process.


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