Month: May 2018

BaranovTV – How & Why do we produce BaranovTV? Episode 16

We’ve been asked a few times recently how we create these episodes, and have been getting some great feedback on them, so thought we’d share some ‘behind the scenes’ info with you. Watch this to find out what equipment we use, along with a few other tips! Transcript: Hi, and welcome to another episode of […]

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Identity theft isn’t just a threat for individuals!

Identity theft is a consideration for all of us these days, with many people having shredders and being careful of releasing personal information into the public domain. But these considerations shouldn’t just be for your personal information; your Company can be at risk from identity theft too! What happens? In much the same way as […]

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Unsubscribes aren’t such a bad thing!

With GDPR just around there corner, there are lots of business owners worrying about renewing consent for the people they have on their mailing list. I’m not here to comment on the rights or wrongs of that, but to talk about whether you should be worrying about unsubscribes. By that, I mean those people that […]

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Directors’ Responsibilities MUST take precedence

MPs have this week criticised the Directors of Carillion which collapsed in January, with debts of £1.5Billion. They’ve accused the Directors of putting their own salaries and bonuses ahead of the protection of the Company pension scheme, amongst other things, and of hiding the reality of the financial position from shareholders. This goes against the […]

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Why Magnus was so right…

Magnus? Who’s Magnus? For those of you of a certain vintage, you won’t need me to tell you, so please skip to the next paragraph. For those of you who are lucky enough to be below around 35, I’m talking about Magnus Magnusson, an Icelandic journalist who lived in Scotland for most of his life. […]

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BaranovTV – Why Networking can bring you more than customers! Episode 15

The perception of ‘networking’ is that everyone is hunting for leads, & that there is HUGE pressure to give them, but there are real benefits for your business beyond new customers… Watch this to find out what they are! Transcript: Hi, and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts […]

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