Why Networking can bring you more than customers!

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The perception of ‘networking’ is that everyone is hunting for leads, & that there is HUGE pressure to give them, but there are real benefits for your business beyond new customers… Watch this to find out what they are!


Hi, and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax, and to help your business grow.

Now, as you can see, I’m not in the office today, I’m actually at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel, at an Entrepreneurs Circle event; it’s all day today and we were here last night for a networking session.

Most people would balk at the idea of networking, but most of you will know that it’s actually brought us an awful lot of business over the years, and I thought it would be really well worth just going over why we found that so beneficial and why networking really shouldn’t be something that you ought to be scared of and avoid, because there are actually huge benefits involved in taking part.

Obviously, the main thing is that people think networking is going to equate to leads. It will, but you need to build the relationship first. You need to actually explain to people what you do, and you need to prove to them that they can value you and they can trust you, because if they know, like, and trust you, then they’re more likely to give you business.

Now, the other thing with networking is it’s a really good learning opportunity. Standing and talking to somebody, whether it be in a formal 60-second pitch or just be talking to people in conversation, enables you to really hone your message. Last night we had 45 seconds to tell people what we do. Now that doesn’t give you the opportunity to chat around it, you have to get straight to the point! And for us, that was really good, as we haven’t been doing any networking this time round.

The other thing is that you actually have the opportunity to make good friends and to find suppliers and advisors, people that you know, that you trust, and whose opinion you trust. You get to know people, you get to understand a little bit about their businesses and the challenges they’ve been through and it gives you a sounding board and potentially an opportunity to pick their brains when you see them.

So networking, there’s massive benefits around it, yes it can be scary! Go with lots of cards, a big smile, and some questions that you’re happy to ask people, just to give yourself something to start a conversation with, but do try it, do give it a go, and I’d love to know how you get on!

As ever, any questions, any problems, any suggestions about networking groups, and the benefits of each format, then please get in touch, otherwise, I’m going to go and chat to people, and I’ll see you very soon.

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