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Xero Product Update August 2020 – Episode 113

One of the reasons we love Xero and recommend it to clients is because it’s constantly being developed and enhanced. Chris and I attended the most recent of Xero’s quarterly Product Update sessions recently and heard about more of the new enhancements to the software. Now we’re bringing the details to you!  

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Coronavirus – Know exactly where you are…

Following on from our earlier video ¬†around the most important step to beat Coronavirus, today we’re looking at the following: 1. How you know EXACTLY where you are as a business and how to keep a strong grip on things over the coming weeks. 2. How to get ready, and potentially get ahead in terms […]

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BaranovTV – Xero – what’s new? – Episode 105

One of the things we like most about Xero is that it doesn’t stand still. There are always new developments coming within the software. That can be hard to keep up with when you’re busy in your business though, so here’s our summary of the latest Xero developments and updates. What’s changing, what’s new and […]

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