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Xero Product Update August 2020 – Episode 113

One of the reasons we love Xero and recommend it to clients is because it’s constantly being developed and enhanced. Chris and I attended the most recent of Xero’s quarterly Product Update sessions recently and heard about more of the new enhancements to the software. Now we’re bringing the details to you!  

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BaranovTV – Protect your State Pension! Episode 99

Your entitlement to a State Pension depends on two things: The amounts you’ve paid in National Insurance over the years. The accuracy of HMRC’s records of those payments. The amounts you pay are easy to monitor, but the second is more tricky! In this video we share some of the horror stories we’ve heard recently […]

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BaranovTV – Budgets for your business Part 1, Episode 96

Using a budget within your business can make a real difference to its success. But how? Why do you need one and where do you start? What should you think about? How do you report on actual figures versus budget, and what happens if there are differences? It’s all in this two episode series, starting […]

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