Research & Development

What do you need to prove for an R&D Claim?

Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a tax relief paid by HMRC to UK companies to reward their efforts towards innovation. Companies that spend money on Research & Development are eligible to claim a Corporation Tax reduction for every £1 they spend on qualifying activity. The strict definition of qualifying Research & Development is activity […]

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Changes to R&D Tax Relief laid out…

After a recent consultation on Research and Development (R&D) Tax relief, the Treasury has announced as part of TAM Day, a number of changes to the process. Some of these had previously been included in the recent Autumn Budget speech. The pre-announced changes included: R&D Tax Relief will be restricted to UK based work. The […]

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R&D Claims likely to be delayed…

HMRC is warning businesses to submit research and development (R&D) claims as soon as possible to avoid a likely delay in payments between December and January. As the filing deadline for the most popular year ends is 31st December, there is always a flurry of R&D submissions in this period, which can cause delays in […]

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