Corporation Tax

Can I make charitable donations through my Limited Company?

Since Putin invaded Ukraine, we’ve been asked whether it’s possible to make charitable donations through a limited company, and the answer is yes! We’ve outlined the key points to consider below. Cash donations Probably the easiest way to donate, whether for Ukraine or your favourite local charity. Providing your charitable donations are given without you […]

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Corporation Tax Reminder!

For Limited companies with a 31st March year end, any Corporation Tax that’s due for payment must be received by HMRC by 1st January 2022. Given the looming Christmas and New Year holiday period, the extra Bank Holiday and the general festive time-slip that seems usual around that time, we felt it worth a reminder, […]

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Corporation Tax Return changes…

A Corporation Tax Return is filed with HMRC each year to report a company’s tax liability. We prepare them for our clients once we’ve prepared the annual accounts, and submit them to HMRC once they’ve been approved by the Directors. The format of the Corporation Tax Return has changed recently, and those changes could have […]

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Changes to SME monthly tax payments?

The Government has launched a consultation to look at changing the current timing of tax payments to make them more frequent and ‘in-year’. This is as part of its strategy to modernise the tax administration system. The consultation will focus on Self Assessment and any company paying Corporation Tax, unless they are part of the […]

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