Cyber attacks – Why we ALL need to be prepared!

It’s often said that there’s real value in the mailing list of a business. What’s true is that there is real value in the data of any business. That’s not just from a marketing perspective, but from a day to day record keeping perspective as well as a historical and information perspective too. Cyber attacks […]

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Are you safe from Cyber Attacks?

42% of small businesses have experienced cyber attacks in the last year, with the average cost to a small business being £900. Government research has shown that more than half of these cyber attacks were spotted by staff rather than software, and are recommending staff training to identify and stop attacks. The report by Department for […]

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How is your Cyber Hygiene?

Cyber Hygiene is becoming an increasingly important consideration in the fight against cyber crime. What do the figures look like? The statistics around Cyber Crime are astounding. According to research carried out by HMRC in 2017: 46% of all companies suffered some kind of data breach in the year, which increased to 66% in larger businesses. […]

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