Barclays’ pricing lessons…

In 2021, Barclays Bank reported a full-year net profit of £6.38 billion. In September 2021 it reported year to date profit at an all-time high of £6.9 billion. Yet last month we received a letter from them notifying us that they’re implementing additional fees on accounts like ours. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at the extra […]

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Alternate Finance update

Many small businesses have taken on funding in the last two years that they may never have planned for. The need to survive the various lockdowns and closures persuaded many that a Bounce Back loan or CBILS was the way to go. The alternative finance landscape now though is changing. We have several contacts in […]

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Auto-enrolment limit remains unchanged

The Government has opted to keep the earnings trigger for auto-enrolment at £10,000 for 2022/23, which will bring an additional 17,000 savers into pension schemes. The Department for Work and Pensions said the decision reflected the need for a balance between employers and individuals, and to help savers accrue as much as possible for retirement. […]

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Business Numbers Queries?

In the last round-up, I included a post around the process that we’ve used for years to plan for the next twelve months. Little did I know that it would prompt quite so many questions around the most important business numbers! The post suggested that if you know where you want to get to, and […]

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How we approach planning the new year…

Getting a head start on planning the new year can be a really smart thing to do. It can bring your family and team on board in a more positive way than ever before, and keep you focussed too. With that in mind, in this post I’m sharing the process that we use, and the benefits […]

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Can the US military help your business?

Originally developed by the US Army, all US military services now conduct an ‘After Action Review’, or AAR, after a project or event. They’re designed to be a structured review or debrief of the process, to find out what happened, what went well, what went badly, and identify opportunities to improve the process the next […]

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