Month: September 2018

BaranovTV – The Little Red Train that can… Episode 32

Today I’m on a little red train in the French Alps. It’s a great example of Victorian engineering, and really simple technology that still works brilliantly. Why is that relevant? Watch this to find out… Transcript: Hi, and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to […]

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What action is required at a Company Year End?

A company year end is a significant point in the annual cycle. There are key considerations as it approaches, to make sure opportunities for tax savings or maximising profits aren’t lost, but what about the actual company year end process? What should be done in your software, and what do you need to give your […]

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Coffee shop lessons…

It’s not often that I work in a coffee shop, as we have comfortable home offices that we’ve equipped to suit us well. Sometimes though, circumstances combine to suggest a stint in a coffee shop is the best option. What I didn’t expect when I settled myself yesterday was to find a business lesson painted […]

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What are Directors Loans?

Many Directors, particularly where the Company is small, can find themselves with an unexpected tax bill as result of Directors Loans. But what are they, and what should you be aware of? When operating a Limited Company, Directors can withdraw funds as a salary, as expenses or as dividends. Any other funds taken from the […]

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Electronic Notices from HMRC

A recent Tribunal loss is likely to bring changes to how electronic notices from HMRC are sent. This probably means that taxpayers behaviours will need to change too! HMRC recently lost a Tribunal case as it was unable to prove that a penalty notice had been served to a taxpayer in a way that a […]

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