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You can see all of our Rebound Resources in a separate area of the site. These resources are designed to help your business come through Coronavirus as strongly as possible. We hope you find them helpful.

What were the main points in the October 2021 Budget?

Rishi Sunak gave his second Budget speech of the year earlier today. In this video we’ve summarised the primary announcements, as they will affect our clients. Our full summary will go out later today, and will include far more detail. If you’d like to receive future updates, please fill in the form below and a […]

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Mental Health Support Options for Business Owners, Episode 118

Running a business can be hard, and lonely, at the best of times. Add in the effects of Coronavirus and it’s not a surprise that so many business owners are feeling the strain. Last Saturday was Mental Heath Awareness day, and in this episode we’re talking about mental health, and where you can find support […]

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The Diderot Effect, Episode 117

What’s the Diderot Effect, and what impact could it have to a 21st Century business? It’s all in this week’s video! Denis Diderot was an 18th Century philosopher, but his experiences are still relevant to our own lives, and to those of our customers and clients today. It’s our job to take the Diderot Effect […]

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Stop, look and learn! BaranovTV, Episode 116

Lockdown and the events of the last few months have repeatedly, and understandably, been called ‘unprecedented’. No-one could have predicted the impact of Coronavirus on businesses up and down the country. What we can do now though, is make sure that we look at the effect those circumstances have had, and use the information to […]

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