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The initial months of running a business are all about survival and structured Business Growth is overshadowed by making sales and collecting cash. There’s a huge amount to learn and set up, and it’s often once the first year or two is over that the business owners start to realise that the initial excitement of starting the business has been buried under the pressures of the day to day running of the business. Additionally, there are areas that they want to know more about, that they don’t have the experience or knowledge to handle.

Think back to when you started your business. Why did you do it?

Did you want to be in control your own future and provide security for your family? Did you want the keys to a nice car or to have foreign holidays every year? Was it perhaps to be able to do the school run and get to school events without feeling guilty or having to book time off?

Whatever your original dream, over time those goals change; young children grow up and rather than wanting to be able to do a guilt-free school run, your goal becomes financing first cars, University fees and house deposits! And as goals change, so do the regulations that you have to operate within. The demands on a business owner develop and grow until ‘the big goals’ get buried and it’s purely a case of fire-fighting and juggling as the months fly past.

That’s where we come in!

No-one sets up in business to be an expert in tax, and similarly very few set up in business to learn how to set up cash flow forecasts, budgets, or business plans. Very often as a business expands, the owner finds himself having to become an expert in areas that he never considered, such as obtaining finance and completing applications and supporting evidence, or in the different types of share schemes that may bring much needed investment.

We offer a broad range of additional Business Growth services to support a developing business.

These are outlined on the following pages, but are not exhaustive. There are many, many ways in which an Accountant with the range of experience that we have can provide help to a business beyond ‘the norm’, and the need for those services usually comes either at a point of change within a business, or the point at which the business owner decides that change has to happen if they are ever to achieve their dream.

Knowing which direction to take at those key decision points, knowing which options to consider to finance the next stage of development, or just how to achieve those goals that have proved elusive so far, can all be uppermost in the mind of directors or partners. Maintaining or improving previous growth or profit levels, developing new markets, succession or disposal and of course hanging on to key personnel are all areas through which sleep can be disturbed, pressure can build and stress can develop.

It can be hard to ensure that, as a business owner, you’ve considered all of the options. Have you missed something when developing your plan for the next stage of Business Growth? Is there an easier / cheaper / more efficient way? Is the timing right? Are the foundations solid enough to support your growth plans? There are very few situations within a business that we haven’t seen over the years, and we’re very happy to share the benefit of that experience.

Our Business Growth services can work alongside our more traditional accountancy services, or can stand alone.

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If you already have a good relationship with an accountant that is working well and providing you with the support and information you need to run your business, that’s great! We’re very happy with work with both parties to help the business move forward.

Our service is totally bespoke, but we include a range of additional features in our service for every client at no additional cost. You can see what’s included here.

Using our commercial experience and the innovative tools, techniques and services that we have in our arsenal, we can help; contact us now to find out more or book your free no obligation initial meeting.

If you would like to know more about moving your Accounts and Business Tax affairs over to us, find out more about our Accountancy services.


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