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Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes are available to anyone who has key team members they would like to hold on to. They’re specifically designed for fast growth businesses allowing key management team members to receive tax free shares in the business.

EMI Share Schemes are a way to reward and tie those key people to your business and encourage them to contribute fully, as they have a stake in the business and are directly rewarded when it succeeds.

We can:

  • Provide advice on the structure of these schemes.
  • Discuss the required scheme rules to ensure compliance with HMRC guidelines.
  • Give advice around the options being granted and exercised.
  • Register the scheme with HMRC and provide valuations of the business for agreement by HMRC at each stage.
  • Take care of annual filings.

A relatively straight forward process to follow, EMI share schemes are under utilised by businesses who often regret not exploring the opportunity to hold on to a key person or key people within the team.

It’s vital before starting the EMI Share Scheme process that you are 100% sure those people are the right ones to help you obtain your long term goals.

If you’d like to discuss the process, whatever the size of your team, contact us to find out how an EMI share scheme may help you to hold on to them for the future.

We all set up in business with co-shareholders when everythings positive, but reality can cause problems! As a result, it’s really important to protect the business from unforeseen circumstances with a Shareholders Agreement:

The what, why and how of culture in your business.

The culture in a business can be hugely beneficial, or hugely toxic.

Get it right and you’re more likely to attract and retain the right people, but let it drift and you may lose good people, service standards can fall and an unhelpful attitude can develop amongst your team.

Watch this video for an experienced view on exactly what ‘culture’ is and how to improve it…

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Mrs S James, Sandbanks Capital Partners Limited

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