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There are several crucial points in its lifecycle when a Business Valuation is required, and it’s essential that the valuation is fair and accurate.

  • If you’re selling your business, you want to be sure that your hard work in building it is fully recognised.
  • If you’re buying a business, you want to pay a fair price, but no more.
  • If you’re talking to equity investors and considering losing some control of your business in return for that investment, you need to be sure that you are giving away that equity at the right price.

An accurate Business Valuation requires a multitude of different considerations, including the industry involved, and the structure of the offer being made, to name but two. There are also a wide variety of tax implications on the structure and timing of any deal.

With a long experience of valuations, and having been involved with the process of due diligence from both sides on several occasions, we are well placed to ensure that you obtain the result best suited to your unique circumstances.

If you’re in even the earliest stages of any process where a valuation will be required, contact us to discuss any first ideas; an initial conversation can prove extremely useful as you start to give them further consideration.

Business Purchase and Sale

Not everyone starts a business from scratch. Many people purchase an existing business or decide to change direction by disposing of an existing business. The processes around Business Purchase & Sales can be lengthy, stressful and extremely expensive; it’s essential that they’re handled well to ensure the maximum benefit.

There are many points to consider for both Business Sale and Purchase; here are just a few:


  • Whether the potential suitor is a good fit for your business. If your eventual proceeds are likely to be affected by a drop in retained goodwill, will your customers like the new owners, and stay with them?
  • Is the proposed purchase price a fair return on what you think the business is worth? Careful guidance through the process can maximise the price you receive as a return for the effort you’ve invested over time.
  • Is the sale likely to happen at a good time from a tax perspective? Would it make the sale more tax efficient to wait for a period of time?
  • Are the tax provisions within the sale agreement correct?


  • Is the business you’re considering worth the value being asked? Is the business really as it appears?
  • Is it likely to continue to generate the same sales for you as it has to date?
  • Are there any hidden issues such as tax liabilities that haven’t been considered?
  • Are the tax provisions within the sale agreement adequate?

For a Business Purchase, as well as a merger or acquisition, we can help with feasibility studies, business plans, forecast and finance options; these can be essential to ensure the security of your investment.

Having supported a number of clients through both the sale and purchase processes over the years, we can help negotiate, support the Business Valuation process and to complete the necessary due diligence to ensure there are no surprises should the deal go ahead. We will also liaise directly with your solicitors to ensure the contracts are non-detrimental from a tax perspective.

Both sides of any Business Purchase & Sale are complex; if you’re considering embarking on either, contact us to find out more about how we can help reduce the complexity as far as possible and maximise the value you’ll receive.

Building a Business?

Regardless of your ACTUAL long term goal, building a business to sell can be a really smart move.

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