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We offer a FREE initial meeting to enable prospective clients to meet us, ask questions and to find out more about what we do and how we’ll do it.

This site has a lot of information, but nothing can replace a chat!

It’s vital to be sure that we can all work comfortably together, which in turn ensures a strong, lasting and beneficial relationship.

Given current circumstances, and with responsibilities to our clients and vulnerable family members, we’re going to continue to operate virtually so these meetings will remain via Zoom for a while longer.

We’d love to meet you though!

If you’ve seen enough on here to get started by having a chat with us, please book into our diary by clicking below:

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What can I expect?

A free initial meeting can be quite broad-ranging.

We might ask you for some specific information for the meeting or in advance, but we’ll warn you if there is. This will depend on your situation and any specific areas you’d like to talk about, but if it’s not available, that’s fine, just let us know.

Otherwise, it’s just a fact finding opportunity for both parties, and it’s definitely a conversation, and not an inquisition!

We’ll talk through where you are at the moment and what your goals are, where you think you have gaps in support, knowledge or experience you’re experiencing and what you might like to add.

Then we’ll cover how we might be able to add to that, and of course give you an indication on the costs associated with the different options.

What won’t you get?

  • We don’t judge. No-one sets up to be an expert in tax, or accounting (unless you have your own firm!) so if there are gaps in your knowledge, that’s where we may be able to help.
  • We won’t force you to change software. Whilst we do only work with clients using cloud based accounting software, and much prefer Xero, if you’re using Quickbooks or FreeAgent, that’s not a deal breaker!
  • We don’t pressure you for a decision. There’s no obligation on either side at or after an initial meeting; it’s purely an opportunity to find out more, so there’s no risk and no pressure. If you want to think about things, speak to other firms, or come back in a year or more, that’s fine! We’re in no rush, and will be ready whenever you are.

Why not book your initial meeting now?

Book an Initial Zoom Meeting


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