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Baranov Associates is a small firm of Accountants with a passion for helping small businesses get the most from their hard work. Focussed on Business Growth, our clients become part of our business, and we become part of theirs. We believe that Xero is a key part of the success of our relationships.

Xero is a large part of our business, for many reasons, but primarily because it offers so many benefits to its users:

  • Cloud based – secure access from anywhere with an internet connection, for you and your accountant.
  • Affordable and always up to date – no annual upgrade costs or maintenance programmes to pay for.
  • Easy to integrate with bolt-on Apps to enable significant efficiencies in your business, whilst ‘out of the box’ features like bank feeds and machine learning reduce mistakes and streamline your bookkeeping.
  • Scaleable to 4000 bank lines, 2000 sales and purchase invoices every month, the system can grow with your business.
  • Reporting – detailed, timely reports can be created to enable you to make informed decisions as soon as the need arises. Using Apps like Spotlight, this can be taken even further to look at budgets and variances.
  • Always developing – Xero is constantly evolving and developing to become better, with new features and functionality coming all the time.

As Xero Silver Certified Advisors and Certified Migration Specialists, we have been Xero Accountants for many years, both for clients and within our own business. That fact alone should be viewed as a significant endorsement!

Xero advocates Chris and Liz Baranov, owners of Baranov Associates

Who are Baranov Associates?

An intentionally small firm, Baranov Associates is run by Chris Baranov, an ACCA qualified account with in excess of 30 years experience. Ably supported by wife and co-director Liz, the firm offers a wide range of services to clients of all sizes.

ACCOUNTANCY SERVICES – from personal tax returns to year end accounts, via management accounts and Corporation Tax, we keep you compliant with all of the requirements from HMRC and Companies House, while ensuring you retain as much of the proceeds from your hard work as possible. We’re very definitely on your side, and help you sleep well at night!

BUSINESS GROWTH SERVICES – When your business starts to grow, or when things get tricky, you need to know who to call to supplement the knowledge and experience you have. That’s where we come in! We can provide as much help and support as may be needed, to help you achieve your goals.

Having bought, built and sold our first Accountancy 17-strong firm over a 14 year period, we have first hand experience of many of the challenges business owners face. We’ve been there, experienced the many ups and downs, and know what’s likely to keep you awake at night. It’s this experience that enables us to properly support our clients. What do they think of what we do? Find out here.

To make it easier for us to support our family after a difficult period of time, we relocated from Bedfordshire to Cumbria in July 2022. Our address is the only thing that really changed, as we’re still supporting clients and remain committed to offering the same high level service we always have.

Can I just say we are so pleased that we have moved to Baranov Associates. As we discussed when you visited, we had to find a way to take the stress out of all of the financials and you’re doing that for us!

We can see how to use Xero more efficiently and so with us being as on top of it as we can be and with you and Liz we feel a lot more confident about our business being in good shape.

Mrs S James, Sandbanks Capital Partners Limited

What clients do we act for?

Our clients represent businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to multi-million pound businesses, and are located across the UK, in places as diverse as Devon, West Sussex, North Wales, Cumbria, Southern Ireland and pretty much anywhere in between. Our broad experience and use of technology enables us to provide value to each of them because we build a through understanding of the business, the goals they are working towards and are here to provide support whenever needed. Location has never been an issue.

Clients represent all sorts of industries, from Technology to Property, Retail to Financial, and Business Development to Print. The common denominators are aspiration and attitude rather than either industry, location or current size.

We provide a totally flexible and wide ranging package that includes complimentary membership of our Fee Protection scheme, a full Dext licence to streamline bookkeeping for the business, telephone and email support, up front pricing as well as many other features. This is to ensure that there are no shocks, and that every opportunity is taken to reduce pressure on our clients.

They need to be able to focus on their business, not to worry about HMRC!

Finally, our Info Centre is full of extra details to help you find the latest information on a wide range of subjects, including the latest tips, tricks and news from Xero.

Hear how Sarah found her move to Xero.

If you’re looking for a Xero Accountant who can help you achieve your goals, or are considering a move to Xero and need support to do so, why not get in touch?

We’re friendly and approachable, and would love to help if we can! Follow the link to book a free, informal initial meeting, or give us a call on 01768 330 400; we’d be very happy to have a chat.

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