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If you (or a bookkeeper) are still keying your raw data into your bookkeeping system, you need to watch this for a really easy way to make life in 2020 far simpler!

We made a Premium Dext (ReceiptBank) licence free for every client several years ago now, but some clients we think would really benefit, haven’t yet taken up the offer.

In this video, we’re sharing some of the glowing feedback that we’ve had from those who have taken the plunge, and showing just how simple it is to use the system.

(Transcript below.)


Hi and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to help your business grow.

As I’m recording this, we are on the 10th of January, 2020. So we’re still in the midst of New Year’s resolutions, ‘New Year, new you’, ‘how to be more efficient’, ‘how to be more effective’, all of that sort of media hype around the New Year.

Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t necessarily hang a change in my practices or anything on the New Year, if I want to change something then I’ll just change it.

However, I’m going to hang this episode on exactly that sort of hype!

I want to bang the drum again for something that we feel would make a huge difference to an awful lot of our clients and an awful lot of businesses. It’ll make them more effective, more efficient and enable them to get much better records to manage their business from.

I don’t want to keep repeating myself and I don’t like to keep banging the same drum within BaranovTV, however, I strongly believe that this one is worth doing so please bear with me.

Something I’m also going to do this episode that I don’t normally is to use someone else’s videos. I’m going to try and cut it into this one to illustrate the point really.

So what am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about ReceiptBank.

ReceiptBank was something that we decided to offer free of charge to all of our clients who are on QuickBooks or Xero quite a while before Christmas and we have had a reasonable amount of take up, but we’ve also had a lot of people who haven’t done so who we think it could be really beneficial for.

Talking to a few of them, they’ve said ‘it’s going be complicated’, ‘it’s going to be something new’, ‘it’s going to upset their bookkeeper’.

Actually, the ones that have adopted it and have gone through what they thought was going to be a pain barrier absolutely love it.

Their bookkeepers are really pleased.

One client who sent me an email said and I will quote that, ‘Andrea was rather sceptical about handling the input electronically that it could be anywhere near as fast as she can key-in manually, but she’s definitely experienced (what he classed as) a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment. And yesterday she input something like 50 or more purchase invoices in a fraction of the time it would have taken her in the past and she’s absolutely delighted‘.

Receiptbank Testimonial -

Another client sent us an email updating us on how his trading before Christmas had gone and thought to add a little PS on the bottom and he said ‘ReceiptBank is brilliant!!’

And those are the types of responses that we’re getting from clients who are using ReceiptBank.

So we just thought we’d show you how easy it can actually be, I’m actually going to let ReceiptBank do that for you. So here is where the splice hopefully works…

– Hi, I am Matt and I’m a training executive at ReceiptBank’s London office.

Today I’ll be introducing ReceiptBank and the dedicated ways you can effortlessly upload your financial paperwork to the cloud.

So what is ReceiptBank?

It’s a platform where you can record and manage all of your business’s financial transactions.

Whenever you upload pictures of your receipts, invoices or other financial paperwork, it will be stored in the cloud where they can be easily processed.

And since you’ve already captured the image and the key document data, the financial records are already complete without having to copy out a handful of old receipts.

So, let’s see this in action.

I’ve just been given this receipt for a company purchase and I’m not going to put it in my pocket, I’m going to put it in ReceiptBank.

Let’s open up the ReceiptBank mobile app and quickly take a picture. Now add any details that might help me or my co-workers identify it later and press ‘Submit’ and that’s all there is to it.

I can throw away this piece of paper and get on with my day. I’ve got peace of mind because that purchase is stored forever in ReceiptBank. I only need to check the mobile app if I need to review or edit information about my purchases.

But what if I haven’t got a physical copy of the paperwork?

Here’s an invoice that’s been emailed to me, how can I upload this to ReceiptBank?

That’s easy. Let’s forward the email on to my unique address. If there’s paperwork attached or in the body of the email, it will get extracted by ReceiptBank.

And finally, there’s the ReceiptBank website.

Using my computer, I can log in here to take an in depth look at all of my previously submitted purchases. Click on the ‘Add items’ button at the top of the screen and learn more about the ReceiptBank submission methods.

This includes a space where you can drag and drop files directly from your computer and all of the information you need to get started from the mobile app and email-in submission methods.

And that’s all you need to get started with ReceiptBank.

Try logging into the mobile app and the web app and submit your first items today.

– Okay, so hopefully we’re on the other end of the splice now and you’ll have seen just how quick it is to get information into ReceiptBank and the three different ways of doing so.

So what do you do if you want to use ReceiptBank?

Well, all you need to do is fire me an email back so if you’re looking at this from the email I send out to you, just hit reply to this email and we can set you up.

We can hook ReceiptBank into your current bookkeeping system so there’s no setup for you to do.

We’ll make sure that that’s really simple for you; we’ll send you an email with links to the three videos that you need to watch to get you up and running so you know what you’re doing, 90 seconds of which is the one that I’ve already shown you.

Please, we would strongly recommend, if you’re not using ReceiptBank, have a look at it. It can make a huge difference to your business in exactly the same way as the two guys I’ve already told you about.

So I’ll leave you with that, do have another look if you have the opportunity and hopefully, it will make a big difference to you and your time and your efficiency in 2020. I’ll see you very soon.

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