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Our passion is to help clients get the most from their hard work, in as many ways as possible. In this episode, we’re delighted to announce that we are making Dext (Formerly ReceiptBank) FREE for all clients, as we believe it is so beneficial.

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Hi and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to help your business grow.

Our ethos within Baranov Associates is very much around making life easier for clients, helping them sleep better at night, saving them time and saving them money if we can. And that’s what BaranovTV is all about, trying to give you tips and ideas on how to improve your business and to improve growth and also how to make small changes to get massive difference within business as well as trying, as I mentioned before, demystify the world of accounts and tax.

One of the things that we’ve been for a long time, has been Dext Partners but the way we were operating it before was that we would have to charge an additional amount every month to give clients Dext access.

We’ve decided that we are going to stop doing that.

We’re going to absorb the cost of Dext licenses for our clients in with our normal monthly fees.

We don’t pay anywhere near as much for Dext licenses as clients do if they go direct, and we feel that there are enough benefits to warrant actually offering that to all of our clients entirely free of charge to them.

So why would you want to use Dext?

Well there are massive savings available in terms of processing time for your bookkeeping. So invoices coming in, receipts coming in, they can be automatically uploaded to your bookkeeping software using Dext. It’s very secure, it makes life a lot quicker and it just makes, it learns the system as you go. So the first time you code an invoice or a receipt to a particular point, the next time you have an invoice or receipt for that supplier, it will suggest that that’s where you would like it to go. So it’s saving time for your bookkeeping in a massive way.

It’s also going to save you a lot of time in terms of filing and storing of those receipts and invoices because the images of them, which are accepted by HMRC are automatically saved within the system. So you no longer have to have space allocated to files and files of invoices and receipts and you no longer have to spend time in filing them so that you can find them again later.

There are also lots of different ways of getting the information into Dext which we really like.

  • You can use an app that’s on your phone to take a photo and send it into the system.
  • You can import multiple CSVs of information into the system, you can email into the system if you receive a PDF of an invoice, for example.
  • Or you can actually give, you’ll be allocated a Dext unique email and you can give that email address to your suppliers so that your invoices come straight into your system and they’ll go through Dext which will know, work out where to code them and all of the information’s taken from the invoice into your system.
  • So you could also have multiple users, so difference logins for each one. So you can have access for yourself, for your bookkeeper, I don’t know, for your office manager, whoever needs access can have access.

There are various levels available of Dext and if you’ve looked at it online they start at £10 a month up to £40 a month. And it’s that £40 a month level that we’re actually able to provide, so that includes up to 3,000 transactions a month which should keep most people happy, and up to 20 users. Again, so that gives an awful lot of flexibility in terms of how you want to implement the system within your business.

So having outlined all of the benefits, how do you get it?

All you need to do is drop us an email or give us a call and we can set that up for you. What we’d want to do before we did that though is just chat through with you and make sure that we’ve actually worked out how best to operate it within your business because there are little nuances that will make a difference depending on how you operate, but I can’t cover all of those in this video.

So what systems does it integrate with?

They are Xero and Quickbooks and FreeAgent and Sage and KashFlow which I think cover most of our clients. Predominately obviously on Xero and Quickbooks but all of those systems are actually integratable, if that’s a word, with Dext.

And with the license, the 3,000 transactions and 20 users you also get access to the app and you get unlimited support from ReceiptBank too, not that you will need it because it is very straightforward.

Testimonial for Next / Receiptbank

If you already have Dext, don’t panic, you’re not losing out.

What we can do is with an email confirmation from you we can transfer your system onto our platform which means that you immediately stop paying for your Dext license.

If you are worried that we are then tying you to us, that’s absolutely fine and a valid concern but it isn’t a problem. If you decide you want to move on from us for some reason in the future it’s as simple to revert you back either to have your own license direct or to move your license onto another advisor at a later date.

But I use Xero expenses?

The final thing to say is that Xero’s Expenses are worth using, we know a lot of clients are using those. Dext actually gives you a lot more functionality and with a lot less manual requirement from yourself. So it’s worth looking at Dext even if you’re currently using Xero Expenses, it will give you more from it.

Have a think about it, have a look at the Dext website and I’ll put the web address onto this screen, and if you want to chat it through please do get in touch but as I say, there’ll be no further charge from us to give you Dext access.

So I hope that’s helpful, have a think about it, come back to us if you’d like to know more, and I’ll see you very soon.

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