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Netwalks is an initiative by Small Business Britain, offering an opportunity for local businesses to collaborate and connect away from their offices, and with the current good weather, it may be ideal! Get away from your usual work environment and meet fellow business owners to exchange ideas and experiences, to foster support networks, and enjoy conversations while walking outside.

The point of Netwalks is not just about business though; it’s also about self-care. They give you the chance to enjoy some fresh air, vary your surroundings, and manage your mental well-being.

Every month, Netwalks are held in 19 locations across the country. They’re designed to be accessible and safe, so the walks take place during the day in well-lit areas. To add a finishing touch, each walk ends with a visit to a local independent coffee shop – and the treats are on Small Business Britian, so there really are no downsides! You have the chance to warm up, or cool down, enjoy a cup of coffee and continue the conversations.

If you need to bring children or dogs, that’s fine, and if a walk isn’t your idea of fun, but you’d like to meet some new people, you can sign up and just meet up at the coffee shop.

Key highlights of the Netwalks initiative include:

1. Regular monthly walks tailored for small business owners, culminating at a distinctive local cafe or coffee joint.

2. A vibrant opportunity to step outside, rejuvenate, and mingle with fellow business enthusiasts.

3. Exclusive access to a private Facebook group for Netwalks participants, creating a platform to share stories, ask questions, and strengthen connections.

Find more details at the Netwalks page:

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