Let Xero Invoice Reminders improve your cashflow.

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We all know that getting cash into the bank account is key to success in your business. Sadly, this can take longer than we’d all like, and can feel awkward too. With Xero Invoice Reminders though, you can quickly and automatically remind your customers to pay you. Once they’re set up, the reminders take care of themselves, allowing you to get on with the day job.

How do Xero Invoice Reminders work?

  • Use the preset timeframes or decide how frequently you’d like them to go. There are a range of templates within the system for inspiration.
  • Tailor the content to match your usual ‘voice’ – friendly is best, at least at the start!
  • A ‘before due’ prompt is always a good idea.
  • A link within the reminder allows the customer to view and pay the invoice online straightaway.
  • Do you have a customer where you’ve already spoken to them, and agreed they can extend their payment due date? Switch off the reminders for that customer, or for the one invoice; it’s flexible!
  • Once set up and switched on, the reminders will go every morning, without you having to get involved.

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If you’re unsure of how to set up Xero Invoice Reminders and would like some support, or if you’d like to talk about improving your cash flow, why not get in touch? As a Xero Partner Firm, we can help with all aspects of Xero training and efficiencies, as well as other software packages too. We can also help you find lots of ways to monitor and improve your cash flow.

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