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As we’ve mentioned on our services page, there is a peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can meet all of your commitments as a business owner. As a business grows, that peace of mind can be more difficult to hold on to!

The beauty of cash flow and forecasts is that they can be far easier to get into place than you may think, and can give you a really clear view of the future. Those 3am worries become fewer and further between.

As usual, this section of our Information Centre is designed to include a range of posts and articles to make it easier for you to set up and maintain your own cash flow monitoring process. There are also a range of posts designed to help you improve your cash position, whether that’s reducing your debtors, getting your invoices out of the door or revising your payment terms, amongst others.

The first section below includes links to our ‘Rebound Resources’, designed during Lockdown to help businesses rebound after months of restrictions and, in many cases, prolonged periods of closure. Whilst we hope that there is no return to those dark days, the value in these resources remains. The loss of a key customer or similar challenge can create comparable pressure in a business, and these resources would be just as useful.

Cash Flow Rebound Resources

Monitoring your Cash Flow

It’s absolutely paramount for any business coming through any upheaval to be really aware of what their cash position looks like.

Improving your Cash Position

Once you’re monitoring your cash flow, your next priority should be making the very most of the cash that you have!

Budgets for your Business

Budgets can be key to the success (or otherwise!) of a business. Many people think it’s complicated, but it should be a fairly simple process.

Your Debt Collection Process

If cash is scarce, it’s important to ensure your Debt Collection process is up to the job of keeping you in the black.

Image of man in front of a declining graph for Blog post 'Is your business 'Growing Broke'?'

Is your business ‘Growing Broke’?

The ideal for any business is to be generating cash to cover its costs, while at the same time be generating a good level of profit. ‘Growing Broke’ is when the business is growing, but profits aren’t increasing at the same rate, and cash flow is becoming ever tighter. To the outside world, everything is rosy, but it’s a damaging position to be in.

Why do I need a Cash Flow Statement?

‘Why do I need a Cash Flow Statement?’ is a question we’ve been asked question several times in the last couple of days, after it was mentioned in a meeting with lots of business owners. We therefore thought it was worth explaining!

Budgets for your business – Part 1

Using a budget within your business can make a real difference to its success.

– But how?
– Why do you need one and where do you start?
– What should you think about?
– How do you report on actual figures versus budget, and what happens if there are differences?

It’s all in this two episode series.

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