Within our Information Center, we have sections for Planning, and for Strategic Planning. This may seem a bit strange, as there is a definite overlap between the two categories.

So what’s the difference?

Strategic planning, as you’ll see on our related services page, ensures the business is heading in the right direction, and looks at the longer term future of a business. A Strategic Plan looks at the internal and external situation over the coming three to five years, sets goals and targets for the period, and from there outlines the strategies that will achieve them.

Planning is much more short term, and tends to look at the next 90 days, usually up to around a year into the future.

Regardless of the period you’re looking at, elements such as cash flow, pricing, finance and measurement all apply, which is why we have the overlap.

We find 90-day planning to be really useful, as its a short enough period within which you can make real progress, but without feeling that you’ve been working on a project forever, which can be demotivating for all involved.

Similarly, ‘micro-projects’ can be powerful, where you break down your larger projects into small, manageable stages, which become projects in themselves. The resulting sense of momentum prevents the feeling of overwhelm that can come from constantly looking at the end goal of a project. You’ve looked at it once, broken it down, and from there simply work through the smaller micro-projects, and the achievement of the final goal is almost a by-product when it arrives.

As we’ve mentioned above, there are elements of duplication across the two sections, but hopefully you’ll find the posts and articles helpful. Do let us know if you find the duplication confusing; we can amend our approach if you do!

How we approach planning the new year

Getting a head start on planning the new year can be a really smart thing to do. It can bring your family and team on board in a more positive way than ever before, and keep you focussed too. With that in mind, in this post I’m sharing the process that we use, and the benefits we’ve found from it.

Financial Alarm Bells

For business owners there are some circumstances that should trigger Financial alarm bells. These circumstances are the ones that should make you think carefully about your next steps, as they could affect the future security and success of your business.

What’s important for my Year End planning?

As another year end is coming close for lots of businesses, there are key actions that need to be part of your Year End planning to make sure you don’t miss opportunities to save tax, or to maximise your profits. What are they? Watch this to find out!

Why not take a look at these sections too, as there is some overlap between our categories and we’d hate you to miss out!

Business Finance

Corporation Tax


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Can I just say we are so pleased that we have moved to Baranov Associates. As we discussed when you visited, we had to find a way to take the stress out of all of the financials and you’re doing that for us! We can see how to use Xero more efficiently and so with us being as on top of it as we can be and with you and Liz we feel a lot more confident about our business being in good shape.

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