How can I get the most from my marketing content?

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Coming up with new marketing content regularly can be a real challenge, so once you have, it’s important to make the best use of it!

In this episode we’re giving you lots of ways to repurpose that content to get the very most out of the hard work you went to in creating it.


Hi and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to help your business grow.

This week’s episode comes courtesy of Laura McDouall of Tell My Story and her fabulous Facebook group, The Copywriting Project.

If you’re ever unsure how to write copy for your website or your blog posts or how to repurpose your marketing content and to make the most of it then I would recommend you check out Laura and The Copywriting Project on Facebook.

She recently ran a copywriting challenge which was really, really informative. This was one of the posts, or is based on one of the posts, which was how to leverage your Facebook Lives. A lot of people within the challenge were going to be using Facebook Lives a lot.

A lot of people within the group are also using Facebook groups and targeting or trying to build their business through Facebook Lives. The content I really liked that Laura posted was ‘how to repurpose your Facebook Lives’. It was equally relevant though in terms of repurposing marketing content generally. I’ve asked Laura nicely whether it was okay to use some of her list for this episode and she very kindly said yes.

I wanted to run through some of the different ways that you can repurpose your marketing content. That content could blog posts,  a video or whatever it may be. Let’s look at different ways of getting maximum return on the effort that you’ve put in to creating that content:

  • One of the most basic things is to send a link out to your list to tell them that the link is available and that they can watch. So for a video, obviously that’s easy, you can do what we do on a Friday and send out the link to the video to enable them watch it. This could be a link to a blog post or whatever it may be.
  • You can re-share posts with your link on multiple times on social media over the following weeks.
  • You could also send an email out to your list a few days later if that email hasn’t been opened. That’s what we do with BaranovTV; it goes out on a Friday afternoon. On a Tuesday morning, we resend the email to anybody who hasn’t opened it. We know that life’s busy and you don’t necessarily read everything that comes in your email box. You don’t necessarily see everything, let alone decide whether to read it or not, so always try and resend.
  • Add all of your Lives or your videos to a pinned post or a video library if you’re using Facebook Lives, or you can do them onto your website. We put all of our BaranovTVs in the client hub of the website. And you can direct people there to make sure that they can catch up and know everything that’s gone on before they became a customer for you.
  • You can re-share links to older videos and posts when you’re struggling for time. If you haven’t had time to create new marketing content, it may be worthwhile to repurpose and resend those links out.
  • Something like Hiplay or MeetEdgar (social media content management apps) can keep posts going out and to actually keep that momentum running.
  • You can include a regular post sharing your video library from time to time within your content plan so set that up to take that into account.
  • And you can share helpful and relevant content to prospects. So you could say, oh, you know, this might be relevant, this was a blog post that we put out three, four, six months ago but we think might be interesting for you to have a look at.
  • You can transcribe your video into a blog post. So we post BaranovTV twice. It goes onto the website as a BaranovTV but it also goes as a blog post. We then add all the transcript underneath and we get the SEO value from that.
  • We could also publish that transcript as a LinkedIn article so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • You could edit your videos or your blogs into snippets so you could use them as short posts. We have similar things, our ‘Business Bites’ that go out on Twitter.  The smaller snippets can be used on different platforms.
  • You can transcribe some of your content into downloadable lead-bait. These can go onto your website to be downloads, you can use them on social media and other places to establish your own credibility.

So that’s a whistle-top tour, a whole list courtesy of Laura (thank you!), of some of the ways that you can repurpose your marketing content to get maximum benefit out of the effort that you’re putting into creating it. I hope that’s helpful!

If you’ve got any questions then obviously please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and I’ll see you all very soon.

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