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It may have been a case of excess festive spirit at HMRC in December, who issued a flurry of reminders for Returns that had already been submitted.

Many of those that were erroneously chased had been submitted months before, causing worry and wasted time for advisers and taxpayers alike.

The Returns in question related to the year ended 5th April 2021, which would have been a significant concern. These would already be subject to weighty penalties, and, where an advisor had been appointed, may have led clients to question confirmations around this years’ Returns as well!

All reminders relating to Personal Tax appear to have been generated by ‘Lee Graham’ with the reference ISBC/C&A/S073/LG. Some of these included an email address, which generated a reply if it was used, which explained the letters were sent in error and could be ignored.

It’s not just personal tax…

Similar letters were generated to chase Corporation Tax Returns that had been submitted months previously, and already accepted by HMRC.

What you should do…

If you’ve received a letter chasing for a Return that you thought had been submitted, please don’t ignore it!

We’d love to be confident enough in HMRC’s systems to say that if we have told you a Return has been accepted, you can trust that HMRC have it. The reality though, as this situation shows, is that HMRC’s systems sadly aren’t entirely reliable!

Our recommendation therefore is that if you’re a client of ours and you receive one of these erroneous reminders, please send it to us and we’ll double check for you.

If you’re not a clients of ours, we’d recommend that you either forward the reminder to your own accountant, or attempt to contact HMRC to check the situation.

If you’re unsure of any communications that you receive from HMRC, please forward a copy to us. Although we will have been appointed as your Agent with HMRC if you’re a client, we don’t always receive copies of letters or other correspondence they send.

We can then easily advise you of the correct course of action and can usually take care of it on your behalf. s ever, if you’re unsure, please get in touch.

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