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You’d have had to be living beneath a whole pile of rocks to have missed the frenzy around AI (Artificial Intelligence) over the last few months. There has been an explosion of packages that use AI to produce articles, social media posts or whole books for you, but also a multitude of software that has adopted AI to improve aspects of its product.

Two of the biggest players in the AI world are OpenAI, with ChatGPT, and Google’s Bard. It’s easy to feel that you’re already behind in the incredibly fast moving AI world.

If that’s you, and you’re unsure what AI is all about, and how you may be able to utilise it, whether for business or leisure, Google have launched AI (Artificial Intelligence) focused online training that might help! It’s aimed at people and businesses who’d like to know more, and potentially to capture the benefits of AI, whether it’s to save time, get a new job, or grow your business. 

The modules are reportedly packed with practical advice and tips focused on essential AI skills including:

Boost your Productivity with AI

This session introduces learners to cutting-edge AI tools that are already available from Google and others, to show some of the smartest ways digital-age workers can use them to save time at work and on tasks. In this session you will learn:

  • An introduction to generative AI and how it works;
  • How to use AI-powered tools and techniques to save you time; and
  • An overview to crafting effective prompts.

See: Boost your productivity with AI (

Understanding Machine Learning

Aimed at small business leaders/owners or anyone looking to get a better understanding on the subject, this session covers:

  • How different machine learning models work;
  • The essentials for preparing data for a machine learning project; and
  • Options for implementing machine learning for a business.

See: Understanding machine learning (

We’ve looked at a few ways of using AI within our business, and the potential seems enormous, but daunting at the same time. Obviously we’ve all been seeing the benefits of AI for some time, in processes that we don’t even think about now, such as Amazon’s suggested purchases, or recommendations from Netflix. Newer ways to utilise its capabilities take things forward in leaps and bounds!

Having grown up with Arnie in ‘The Terminator’ films, the thought of machines becoming so intelligent and us so reliant on them seems risky at best, but those are decisions to be made at a much higher level than us, and there are major benefits to be explored. 

As we learn more ourselves, we’ll highlight the systems that may be of most benefit. If you’re using any system or technique that utilises AI in a new or helpful way, we’d love to hear about it!

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