Our BIG tip for consistency in your business!

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As any business grows, consistency is key. Today we’ve got a great way for you to ensure you dont need to worry about it again!


Hi and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax, and to help your business grow.

Now I’m having a little bit of time out today sitting in the garden working through a whole load of stuff, including Atlas’s and various guide books and things, planning our next trip into Europe.

It put me in mind though, as I was working through the map and trying to piece everything together, of a piece of software that we’ve been using and that we’ve heard quite a lot of people using to really good benefit within their business, called SweetProcess.

It’s essentially a way of mapping out the processes that you want to use within your business to make sure that they’re actually completed effectively and consistently.

So it could be that you’re on your own in your business and just want to make sure that you’re actually completing things consistently.

It could be that you’re looking to take on your first recruit and want to make sure that your processes are documented so they could be followed in a straight-forward way.

Or it could be that you’re growing really rapidly, and are concerned that your new members of the team may not get the best induction; you want them to have somewhere they can go to to make sure that they’re actually following the right processes and have some confidence from the reassurance.

The other good thing about SweetProcess is that you can actually put in screenshots of the process, you can put bullet points, and you can check that they’re actually being completed as and when they should be.

So have look at SweetProcess if you’re looking at trying to make sure that your processes and ways of operation are carefully documented.

I’ll leave you with that thought and I’m going back to my maps and my planning. I’ll see you all very soon.

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