Your Xero Login is changing!

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Don’t panic! It’s the look and tech behind the login that’s changing, rather than your password or login credentials. It’s a big enough shift to highlight though…

Why is it changing?

The background tech for the login process for both desktop and the mobile App for Xero are being updated.

When is it happening?

As with many aspects of Xero updates, this is a slow roll-out, so you may already have seen the new version, or it may not arrive for you until the end of the year.

What’s new?

The new login page is cleaner, with less clutter around it. There are also new links on the page, for example to take you to the Help Centre.

New Xero Login page - October 2020

I mentioned above that your password won’t change, but you may need to resave them to your password manager or browser. This is because this is a new page, so it will be new to your system.

Similarly, if you have your login page bookmarked, you may need to set that up again too. The login page will be on a different URL. It’s a one-off pain to amend the bookmark to the new page.

Mobile App

If you’ve already got your App set up to auto-update, you’ll get the new version without needing to do anything, but if not, you’ll be prompted to update manually once the update is available to you.

Passwords and Two-Factor Authentication…

While you’re changing your bookmarks and set-up, it’s a great opportunity to set up Two Factor Authentication if you don’t already use it, and maybe update your password for a more secure one while you’re there?

Your financial records are SO important, they need to be as secure as possible, and though I’m sure none of you are using your dog’s name as your password, making your choice as strong as possible is a really smart thing to do…

If you’re not yet using Two Factor Authentication, you can see the instructions to do so here.

If you’re not sure that you’re getting the most from Xero, why not get in touch and chat it through with us? We’re both accredited Xero users, and can help you streamline your processes so that you (or your bookkeeper) can spend time on the really important stuff around your business, rather than the data crunching, and have access to meaningful reports too.

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