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As we head in to the second half of lockdown in England, there is one major task that every business owner should think about.

When the second lockdown was announced, we said how important it was going to be to keep in touch with your customers.

It’s NOT their job to remember you, but yours to remind them that you exist and that your product or service is the solution to their problems. You may not be able to help them right now, but you can fill your pipeline for when you reopen.

How can you keep in touch?

There are LOADS of options:

You could call some of them.

Who would be really good to chat to? Who haven’t you spoken to in a while? Who was considering an upgrade, a purchase, a renewal or a new project when you last spoke to them? A quick ‘How’s things?’ conversation might bring you back to mind…

You could email them.

A short, punchy two liner to an existing customer might be all that’s needed. How about ‘I was talking about X this week and it made me think of the conversation we had about it. How’re things? Can we help with anything?’ You can probably come up with better examples based on individuals on your customer list, but I’m sure you get the idea!

You could send them a postcard, a greetings card, a handwritten note….

We all get SO many emails, but very little tangible post, that receiving something like that really stands out. A simple ‘Hope you’re doing well – it’d be great catch up at some point soon.’ could be enough to start a conversation and prompts a sale.

You could send a personalised video.

I know, it’s scary, but it’s SUPER effective. Take a look at BombBomb for a really easy option. Or Loom is free to use and easy enough, or Vimeo Record is another option too. All of these give you a chance to get your face in front of your customer, which builds your relationship, which is what you’re trying to achieve!

You can use social media.

Whichever platforms you’re on, you can get messages out there that remind customers of what you’re offering, what you’re up to, and all of these posts are opportunities to gain interest and stay top of mind.

You could go for updated signage.

One client has had their high street shop windows covered in bright signage that tells customers how they’re trading during lockdown. It’s very bright, extremely simple and very effective.


There are multiple ways to make this happen, and you may well come up with lots that I didn’t even consider.

The key thing though is to make a choice and make it happen.

Thinking about the options won’t help your sales, but a few of each might well make a difference.

Do let us know what you come up with and how you get on!


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