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Xero have announced they are retiring the Classic invoicing, so if you’re still using it, you will need to make the switch to the new process before that happens.

Classic invoicing will be replaced by the existing, new version on 2nd September 2024 at 9am New Zealand time. The new version is already available and in use, so you can make the move at any time.

How do I move to new invoicing?

There’s a ‘switch to new version’ button in the classic invoicing. Click on that and you’ll move over. You can move back to the classic option if you need to, at any point until it’s retired.

What is new invoicing?

The new option has more ways to save time in producing invoices, and makes it easier to get paid. It also looks cleaner, and will have new functionality added over time, and in particular before Classic is retired.

New Functionality coming soon…

There are some features of Classic invoicing that aren’t yet available in the new version but Xero says they’re on their way! These include:

  • the ability to copy invoices to other documents
  • create overpayments
  • view detailed history and notes

Also on the way are new features, said to include:

  • more flexible invoice customisation tools
  • improved email templates
  • an easier way to personalise your payment methods straight from the invoice

You can read more about the switch on the Xero blog.

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