Thinking of moving from Kashflow to Xero?

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As long standing advocates of Xero, and a Migration Certified Firm, we have moved many businesses from other platforms to Xero over the years. And now the process of moving has been made far easier for Kashflow users.

This week, Liz Green, the Conversions Manager for MoveMyBooks, announced that they are now able to convert data from Kashflow and import it into Xero.

This is really positive news, as MoveMyBooks make the process of migrating to Xero almost seamless, AND Xero pays their fees for doing so!

We’d recommend making any move to coincide with your year end.

This means that you can bring over the maximum amount of data possible. MoveMyBooks will bring over up to two year’s data if you have it, which lets you see how your business is performing this year over last.

There is usually some tidying up to do as part of the process, but we can take care of that fairly quickly, and hand you a system that is ready to use.

The usual timeline for the move, from start to finish, is just a few hours.

For anyone changing bookkeeping systems, we’d usually suggest having a look at ReceiptBank as well, on the basis that it will give you a dramatic reduction in data entry and a boost in consistency too. If you’re learning a new system, you might just as well refine the process properly, rather than doing it in stages!

If you’re interested to know what benefits a move to Xero could bring to your business, do get in touch. We’d be very happy to talk it through with you.

And for the avoidance of doubt, we have clients on a range of alternate systems, not just Xero, and do not apply any pressure to business owners to choose Xero – it has to be the best option for you and it it isn’t, we’ll tell you!


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