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There are a few indicators that Christmas is approaching, from Christmas music on repeat in the shops, aisles full of chocolate in the supermarkets, and of course the John Lewis advert appearing on the TV. This years’ middle aged skateboarder has been prodding even the coldest of hearts!

Of course it’s not just John Lewis with seasonal advertising. Tesco this year have their ‘Christmas Party Broadcast’, Sainsbury’s their ‘Once upon a Pud’, Asda have Buddy the Elf, using some camera trickery, Waitrose are showing their appreciation for their farmers and suppliers, while Marks and Spencers Food have Dawn French AND Jennifer Saunders.

The point is obviously to encourage all of us to choose their brands for our Christmas spending.

What’s interesting though is the change of message for this year.

Each of these adverts is focussing on our emotions, family / community and closeness, with the majority of the high profile adverts showing the company is well aware we’re all juggling the cost of living crisis against wanting to spend on our loved ones this Christmas Season.

Ebay’s approach is also worth thinking about.

They’ve moved away from their original position in recent years, which was to provide a place for people to sell unwanted belongings, and left Vinted and others to take over that ground.

Until now.

This year Ebay have announced that they will be focusing their Black Friday marketing around second hand and refurbished products, which they claim are better for the planet and for our pockets. This approach ticks both the sustainability box and the cost of living crisis.

If you’re planning any marketing, advertising or promotion this Christmas, it could be a really smart move to give these approaches some thought.

The Big Boys will have spent millions with creative agencies over many months to ensure their message is carefully positioned for the current culture in the UK.

Given that none of us are likely to have access to these kinds of marketing budgets, listening to their messages can be really helpful. Now is not the time to encourage wild spending or to expect it.

If you can find the right way to express the value in your product, or how much a family would enjoy the service that you offer, and the kind of memories it would create though, you could well find yourself with a fantastic seasonal sales bonanza.

Do let us know what you have planned for Black Friday or as we head into Christmas. We’d love to help promote anything we can on our social platforms!

If you haven’t seen the ads I’ve mentioned above, you can do so from the list below 😊:





Marks and Spencer Food

Marks and Spencer Clothing and Home



Barbour – How’s this one for using a topical image?

Not on the High Street

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