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Cash is going to be vital in the months to come, and now’s the time to get control of how it moves around your business. Too many small businesses are subsiding other businesses, and now’s the time to change that!

Way back when we had our first business, Direct Debit wasn’t an affordable option, so we sent invoices to clients and had to (pretty much) hope they would pay. When they didn’t send their cheque in (yes, I’m going back quite a long way!) it was part of my job to chase that money. We were subsiding all of those client businesses, and had no control of the process.

If you’ve ever worn the ‘Debt Collection Hat’ in your business, you’ll know that it’s not a popular one! It’s also time consuming, frustrating and inefficient.

Thankfully, it’s one that can now be (almost) fully automated without losing the personal touch.

CHASER is an add-on to Xero and Quickbooks that can transform your cash-flow, and the debt collection process.

We saw first hand the HUGE impact that automating the process made in our old business:

  • There was an almost immediate, massive improvement in our cash flow. We could start to focus on other areas of the business than the cash coming in.
  • The time I had to spend on the admin side of things reduced dramatically. I suddenly had far more time to spend on the older debtors, who suddenly realised my focus was solely on them, and other elements of my role that had been pushed aside.

As a result, we’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have their customers paying by Direct Debit.

We’ve been looking for a while for an easy to use, affordable and tailorable way for clients to automate the debt collection process, and have now found the ideal option.

We are now ‘Chaser Partners’, and as such, can provide Enterprise licences to clients for £25+VAT per month (usual cost £225+VAT per month). The system enables you to decide what approach you want per invoice, not just per customer, so if there is a genuine need for some flexibility, that’s easy. Similarly, if you have a customer who is always late, you can be quite firm from the start!

Setting everything up is straightforward, and could be a really smart thing to do given the pressure that we’re all going to feel on cash flow over the coming months.

Just to be 100% clear; we do not earn commission or any kind of ‘kick-back’ on this – it really is a great offer where we’re passing the full benefit to you. There is no pressure from us that any clients use the system, but we do believe it could be a real help.

If you’d like to know more, please pop me a reply over and I’ll give you a call.


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