Quickbooks Introduces Cash Flow Planner

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One of the major discussion points since Coronavirus hit has been the importance of Cashflow monitoring and forecasting. As a result, Quickbooks have brought forward the launch of its new Cash Flow Planner. What is it, and would we recommend it?

The Cash Flow Planner generates a three month view of your cash flow position, and can be linked to your bank account. It also takes account of any forthcoming transactions.

Would we recommend it to clients?

Any tool that helps a business monitor its cash position has to be better than it not monitoring it at all. However, there are better tools on the market, that can do as much if not more!

We recommend Fluidly to clients as an affordable option, as it’s currently just £10+VAT per month. Fluidly does far more than Quickbooks’ offering does at the moment AND can be upgraded to give a 12 month forecast if required.

For Xero users, there is a similar option within the standard software, but again, we’d recommend Fluidly as the more advanced option at this stage.

If you’re a Xero or Quickbooks user , why not take a look at Fluidly? It’s quick and easy to set up; you won’t look back!